To keep Early Advantage Preschool LLC running smoothly and successfully, there are a few policies that must be respected and observed at all times. For complete list of policies, please refer to the Parent Information Packet.

Attendance Policy

School is important, no matter the age of the child.  Regular attendance at school not only helps your child grow and mature in all areas of development, but also teaches your child the value of education and work.  Please make every attempt to make sure your child comes to school every day and is on time for class.  However, when a child is sick, it is best for everyone, including the child, to stay home and rest.  (Read more about the sick policy below.) If your child must be absent, please inform me via E-mail or text as soon as possible. Students who are absent six or more consecutive days of school may be terminated.

Withdrawal Policy

If you find the need to withdraw your child for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible.  If your child is withdrawn after the first preschool day in any given month, tuition for that month will not be prorated and returned.

Student Termination Policy

Early Advantage Preschool LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate services to any child without notice, should it be deemed necessary for the overall safety and well-being of the other students or teacher.

Sick Child Policy

To help prevent illness and disease, your child should stay home from preschool if he/she is sick or feeling under the weather.  Specifically, your child will not be admitted to preschool with any of the following:

  • A fever of 100° or higher within a 24 hour period prior to preschool class
  • A runny nose (clear or colored)
  • Frequent coughing
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within a 24 hour period prior to preschool class
  • Pink eye (bacterial or viral)
  • Contagious skin rashes such as impetigo, ringworm or chickenpox
  • Any illness that requires a doctor prescription (until the three-day contagious period is over)

To help prevent illness, children will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon coming to school in the morning.  Hands will be washed with soap and water before eating, after messy projects and after outside play.

Teacher Absence Policy

I reserve the right to claim up to three sick or personal days per academic year. Any additional sick or personal days will either be made up by providing an equal amount of extra days of preschool, or a refund of prorated tuition.

Pick Up and Drop Off Policy

Students may only be picked up by a parent or other legal guardian, unless the parent has given specific permission for another person to pick up their child as stated in the registration form.

Because no extended care hours are offered, students may only be dropped up a maximum of five minutes before the preschool day (doors will remain locked until that time), and must be picked up within five minutes after to avoid a late pick-up fee.

Late Pick Up Policy

Pick up time is strictly observed. Parents are allowed three late pick up days allowing an additional 15 minutes per year, should circumstances be unavoidable. To utilize this benefit, please call or text at least 15 minutes prior to pick-up to inform me of the late pick up.  A $10 per offense late pick up fee will be charged for any other late pick up and is due the next preschool day for admittance.

Discipline Policy

Impulse control is one of the major areas of growth and learning for preschool aged children.  Some children learn quickly how to control their anger or frustration in productive ways, while others require more time and guidance to develop impulse control.  In such circumstances, I believe in redirecting the child, encouraging the child to express themselves using words, and teaching methods of problem solving during peer conflicts.  Consequences for misbehavior are as follows:

  1. Redirection or expression
  2. Modeling of problem solving during conflicts
  3. Warning
  4. Removal from activity (but not from room)
  5. Parent contact

Please note that hitting, pushing, kicking, hair pulling and biting are never acceptable behaviors and such will result in an immediate removal from activity.  Any offenses will be reported to a parent.

Student Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to meet the following behavior expectations:

  1. Be respectful of others, themselves, materials and surroundings
  2. Participate (try new things!)—a child who chooses not to participate can sit out an activity to read books.

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