Meet The Teacher

I am Sarah, the owner and teacher at Early Advantage Preschool LLC.  I am a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in art and a Master’s in curriculum and instruction.  My education has given me the opportunity to teach a range of levels, including preschool and college, a lot of elementary school, and some middle school.  I have over fifteen years of teaching experience and have spent a year and a half developing the preschool program I use for Early Advantage Preschool LLC.

Sarah Punkoney, MAT

Here are some interesting facts about myself:

  • I am the owner and writer of the blog Stay At Home Educator.
  • I was an adjunct instructor at The College of Idaho.
  • My favorite food is sushi.
  • I do Krav Maga.  Check it out on Youtube, then find a gym near you.
  • I prefer hot cocoa over any other drink!
  • I can be a bit of a neat freak.
  • I have several secret chocolate stashes. Don’t tell.
  • My left shoulder tells me when a big storm is coming.  I tore my rotator cuff a few years back while mountain biking.
  • If I had only one vacation left, it would be to hike to the top of Machu Picchu.
  • The summer before graduate school my husband and I put everything we owned into storage and spent our savings touring Europe for the summer.  We came back eight weeks later with less than $500, no home, and no job…(luckily things worked out in a matter of weeks!)
  • To me, there is no such thing as a dessert too rich.  Bring the goodness on!